Kate has been called "the voice whisperer." Read these testimonials and get a glimpse of why.

Performers — cont'd

Kate Baker and her work mean so much to me. Working with Kate has freed me as a singer. It has freed me out of thinking in technical terms and has taught me a whole new conversation with my voice. For years I’ve been a confused singer, between all the different techniques, classical, head, chest, belting… what not! Through my work with Kate I’ve learned to “think voice,” using her own terminology.
Kate listens and feels. She doesn’t just throw exercises at you and tell you to practice them daily to become the perfect singer. That’s why each lesson is completely different and specifically tailored to the singer’s special needs on that day, that hour. She is about the “here and now.” Kate is a devoted teacher who never looks at the clock when she teaches. It’s just you and your voice that matter. She gives the instrument the respect it deserves. Her vast knowledge about the voice and personal experience dealing with different issues and setbacks are a tool she uses generously and wisely.
For me, as a singer-songwriter who demands a lot out of my voice in my writing, versatility, control etc., Kate has been a guiding light and has helped me become more of the singer I want to be. She has helped me fulfill some of my most crucial goals and I know she will keep doing so as we work together; she has allowed me to perform more of the things I hear so clearly in my head, without fear and more importantly, without thinking — but with feeling.

Mika Hary
Jazz & Pop Singer / Songwriter

Kate Baker is the epitome of what stellar vocal coaches are made of. She has a way with her students that no one I have ever met does. She tailors her teachings and techniques to the singer’s strengths and weaknesses and works with them to achieve the utmost of their ability.

I have been working with Kate since I was 13 and looking back now at 24, she has not only been an incredible vocal coach but a mentor and friend. I was on season 3 of American Idol in 2003 and she worked with me every day with song choice, technique, stage presence etc… aiding my success in becoming a top 50 contestant and being an alternate for the top 32 out of 100,000 hopefuls on the show.

A few years ago I ran into some issues with my voice with nodules and a vocal disorder that I was born with but was worsened by vocal abuse. The doctors told me I needed surgery or my voice would never be the same again. I called Kate again for help, as she is a voice therapist. She worked with me, released tensions and manipulated my voice in ways in which doctors’ heads would spin if they only knew what I was able to do after she healed me. I call her the “miracle worker.”

In all of my triumphs and tribulations that I have faced in the music industry, I owe it all to Kate Baker for making me the best singer I can possibly be!

Amanda Abajian
American Idol Contestant

Kate has gotten rid of my nodes in 2 months. I finally feel I am in great hands. My voice is now growing and developing. I no longer have vocal problems!

Pop & Jazz Singer & Educator

I've been studying with Kate for almost three years now. I cannot even begin to describe the monumental difference Kate has made in my sound, delivery and musicality. Kate's approach to voice therapy and coaching is entirely unique to any other experience I've had with prior instructors. She brilliantly tailors her lessons to what the voice needs at that moment under its specific, present conditions (i.e no sleep, too much coffee etc). She never fights against a voice but gently coaxes it through its natural sound and beauty. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to study under such a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring teacher.

Eliza Coolidge
Pop & Jazz Artist
Singer / Songwriter

Kate Baker saved my life. She is the only voice teacher I trust. I have been studying music since the ripe age of three. I've had many vocal coaches and master instructors but Ms. Baker set me straight. If there is a problem, she will fix it. She is the only master vocal coach who exists. She sharpened my ear and my vocals. I work because of her and I love her dearly! Thanks Kate… I owe it all to you!

Joanne Roberts
Emmy-Nominated Composer, Founder and Member of the All-Girl Band, TreBella

Kate Baker is a fantastic teacher because she has a holistic approach that aims at not only correcting vocal issues but also helps with life issues that affect the voice, the physical being and the corresponding musical expression that can be changed as a result. In the six years I have been studying with Kate, she has on more than one occasion saved my voice from a number of injuries, including broken capillaries on the vocal chords (caused by belting too much when I did not know how to). She prevented me from getting vocal nodules by going through my repertoire and adapting her vocal technique to the lyrics and vocal intensity that each song required and in the process she taught me useful exercises that I have learned to adapt to how I physically feel at any moment in time in order to properly warm myself up before performing (i.e. I don’t expect my voice will be able to do today what it was able to do yesterday because each day is different; Kate concentrates on accepting the voice as it is in the current moment). Kate is also, unlike many other vocal coaches, open to all kinds of music and all kinds of singing. There is not one specific technique she forces you to learn. Rather, she asks what direction you as the performer are interested in going in and then develops a plan of technical exercises that cater to the performer’s voice and domain of expertise (i.e. the genre). Above all, Kate is a friend to all her students. She does not separate life struggles and living from voice technique and singing because they walk hand-in-hand and is a true spiritual guide to many of her students. She helps realize the singer within and brings out the positive energy that is in all the people she teaches. I am lucky to have found her.

Thana Pavelic


Kate Baker knows the needs of a jazz singer and is great at fixing and analyzing their problems.

Mark Murphy
Legendary Jazz Singer


Kate Baker is my first call to teach a workshop or class.

Shelia Jordon
World Renown Jazz Singer
and Educator



I have played, recorded and taught with Kate Baker over the past 5 years. In all these situations she has proven to be a top professional. She has a beautiful, well developed voice and can sing authentically in many styles. She is a very caring and patient teacher that shares her expertise in a manor where results are evident. I am proud to be on her CD and highly recommend her.

Harvie Swartz
Performer with Tony Bennett, Liza Mannell, Leslie Uggams, James Brown, Shelia Jordan


Colleagues Who Have Studied with Kate Baker  

Kate Baker has been instrumental in preparing me for all my vocal sessions during my recording dates of the last 9 years. She is a superb vocal coach with a patient, clear manner. Kate is unsurpassed in her knowledge of vocal production techniques.”

Jeanie Bryson
Jazz Singer



As a fellow voice instructor and clinician, I've seen Kate Baker's work first hand. She's perceptive and insightful with her students and able to improve their awareness and sound with a gentle yet no-nonsense approach.

Holli Ross
Jazz Singer, Hofstra University, Montclair State University, String Of Pearls


Kate has the ability to bring out surprising beautiful sounds from her students voices. She tailors her approach to meet the individual needs of all different types of singer’s. I just love the way she teaches. I hear an improvement every time I see her. She has helped me on all of my recordings.

Mauchia Adnet
Performer with Antonio Carlos Jobim for 10 years



I have been studying with Kate Baker for 3 years now. I love going to her for lessons. She is the best singing teacher I have ever had. Before I studied with her I would always lose my voice. I would over sing and I couldn't sing that low. After studying with her, my range improved. I am able to sing very low and also sing very high. Because of Kate's teachings, I now know how to sing many songs without losing my voice. Any time I do become hoarse, she can revive my voice back to normal. She is a miracle worker. She goes above and beyond for her students.

Christina Kay
4 Time Apollo Winner
Singer / Songwriter


Kate has the ability to bring out the best in everyone's voice. Her techniques strengthen your best qualities and give you a solid foundation to shine. I always leave my lesson feeling confident and ready to take on anything! Kate is truly the best all around teacher I have ever studied with.

Paget Knebel

Kate Baker completely changed my life as a singer. I came to Kate with vocal nodes and poor singing/speech habits. Her method empowered me physically and emotionally, teaching me to forget technique built on effort and tension, and to learn to use my body's natural abilities. Kate's method is holistic, incorporating proper body alignment, breathing techniques, stretching and massage with vocalization. After 4 loyal years with Kate, my voice is extremely powerful, resonant, and 100% healthy. Kate's method has taught me to enjoy singing again, as a skill that comes naturally and is virtually effortless.

Mallory Glaser
Pop and Jazz Artist
Singer / Songwriter


Kate Baker is an outstanding voice teacher/coach. She helped me with a lot of vocal issues. She has a way of bringing out the natural tones and richness of the voice and still keeps the uniqueness and character of the individual. Helps you find your best voice!

Kathy Phillips

Kate Baker is the best teacher in the world. She has helped my voice big time. I have learned how to sing “heathy.” Kate Baker has been my singing teacher for 2 years and has helped me make friends, develop my voice and helped me understand everything you need to do to have a great voice. Ms. Baker’s lessons are fun too. I have been able to connect with Ms. baker on a personal level. I can honestly say there is no other singing teacher for me!

Amanda B
12-Yr-Old Apollo Winner, R&B Singer / Songwriter